Access to higher education

National Access Contest

Special Access Regimes

Special Contests

Regimes for Re-entry and Change of the Institution / Course Pair

Registration, Enrolment and Renewal

Registration and Enrolment

Annual subscription renewal

Cancellation of registration and enrolment

Prescription of registration and enrolment

Exam Enrolment

Exam Enrolment

Claming a grade

Tuition Fees and Emoluments

Tuition fees

Consequences of non-payment of tuition fee


School Insurance

Crediting training or professional experience

Student Attendance

Special Statutes

Merit-based scholarships

Recognition of Foreign Degrees and Diplomas

NOTE: The present list of questions and answers (FAQ’s) does not exempt the consultation of the information available in the DGES and Polytechnic of Leiria websites, as well as the applicable legislation and regulations.