It is with great pride and recognition that we publish our current Top 5 Research Units in terms of scientific production!

This Top 5 was determined from the calculation formula for the prize “+ science” of Polytechnic of Leiria R&D Awards – 2017 edition.

The first three classified were duly recognized at the Solemn Opening Session of the Academic Year, that took place on November 16, 2017.

Congratulations to our Research Units!


# Research Unit Final score Scientific area
1 IT-IPLeiria 5 Exact Sciences and Engineering
2 CDRsp 3,2 Exact Sciences and Engineering
3 MARE-IPLeiria 2,56 Natural and Environmental Sciences
4 CIIC 1,34 Exact Sciences and Engineering
5 CICS.NOVA.IPLeiria 1,125 Social Sciences and Humanities


Formula for the prize I&D+i IPLeiria “+ science” = A+B+C+D+E+F+G+H

A – n. R&D+i national projects with approved  external funding/n. members;

B – n. contracted services/n. members;

C – n. R&D+i international projects with approved external funding/n. members;

D – n. indexed “full paper” publications (Scopus or Thomson Reuters)/n. members;

E – [(n. indexed conference paper publications (Scopus or Thomson Reuters)/8)/n. members];

F – n. Intelectual Property requests/n. members;

G – n. published books/n. members;

H – (n. book chapters/2)/n. members.

Note: members – PhD effective members at 31-12-2016 (year regarding the prize).

see document here