Title: Measuring health-promoting behaviors: Cross-cultural validation of the health-promoting lifestyle Profile-II  published at International Journal of Nursing Knowledge.

 IPLeiria authors: Pedro Sousa, Pedro Gaspar, Daniela Vaz, Sílvia Gonzaga, Maria Dixe.


Main results:

Individual lifestyles have emerged as valuable health constructs. This study psychometrically tested the Portuguese (European) version of the Health-Promoting Lifestyle Profile-II.

After an adequate linguistic and cultural adaptation of the Health-Promoting Lifestyle Profile-II scale, their psychometric properties were assessed (N = 889) by Cronbach’s alpha and confirmatory factor analysis.

Results showed an adequate fit to a 52-item, six-factor structure. A global alpha of .925 was obtained.

The Portuguese version demonstrated good validity and reliability in a wide adult sample, and can thus be applied to the Portuguese population. This instrument is useful as an evaluation tool for health-promoting lifestyles and as an instrument for testing the effectiveness of health-promoting programs.