Title: Trace Elements in Edible Rocky Shore Species: Effect of Sewage Discharges and Human Health Risk Implications published Human and Ecological Risk Assessment.

 IPLeiria authores: Susana Mendes


Main Results:

Sewage pollution is a worldwide concern, and can result in serious risks both to wildlife and human health. This highlights the importance of study the role of sewage discharges in the contamination of rocky shores, since part of our food resources is directly collected on coastal waters. For this purpose, the accumulation of elements (such as arsenic) by edible molluscs was compared between one sewage-impacted area and 2 reference areas. This study suggests that the selected molluscs can be affected by the presence of sewage discharges. Moreover, the sewage pollution increased the concentrations of arsenic in the mollusc species, emphasizing its potential damaging effects on natural systems and on edible species.