CDE_2018_Erasmus_artigo_portalErasmus + Session | Opportunities to study or do traineeships in Europe!

Keynote speaker: Ana Cecília Boa-Ventura from International Mobility and Cooperation Office


Are you worried about you future? So we are!

Exactly because you are our first priority, we hope to see you in our debriefing session, at the library José Saramago, on November the 28th–  10h30am – about all the  opportunities to study or do traineeships in Europe.

The new Erasmus program will begin  in 2020  and the challenge is  + grants, + funding, + opportunities!  Departing to return in the case of studies and departing to return or eventually stay in another country it’s a chance of a life time that you can use after the bachelor or the master degree. You have lots of options – join us to know it all!

The big ambition of the European Commission it’s to have until 2024 each student from Higher Educations in Europe doing at least one mobility abroad- studies, traineeships or a combination of both!

The destiny we choose to embrace is never only a place, it’s a new way of seeing things, it’s a mind opener for a multitude of possibilities that only comes true after you experiencing what Erasmus really is!


We are counting with your presence!