Title:  Evaluation on effects of using low biodiesel blends in a EURO 5 passenger vehicle equipped with a common-rail diesel engine published at Applied Energy.

IPLeiria authors: Luís Serrano


Main results:

The effects of the use of low biodiesel blends in performance, fuel consumption and NOx emissions was investigated during tests carried out with a Renault Megane 1.5 dCi.  These tests considered the use of different fuels blends, obtained by the mixture of 0%, 7%, and 20% on a volumetric basis (B0, B7 and B20) in diesel fuel.

The consumption results were not consistently increased with the use of biodiesel and NOx emissions with biodiesel use does not present significant raise. In fact, when B20 was used, the levels of NOx emitted by the vehicle present a reduction, which was more pronounced in the urban cycle. The performance analysis did not reveal any relevant differences, however the use of B7 promote an improvement on torque and power in the order of 2% relatively to B0.