Help2Care | Help to care for dependent person and caregivers


Principal Investigator: Maria dos Anjos Dixe

Research Unit: UIS

Institutional Partners: Polytechnic of Santarém, Polytechnic of Castelo Branco; Leiria Medical Center

Team Members Researchers at Polytechnic of Leiria: Maria dos Anjos Dixe; Ricardo Martinho; Pedro Sousa; Nuno Fragata; José Carlos Gomes; Ana Isabel Querido; Rui Rijo; Elsa Soares; Cidália Pereira; Sandra Amado; Carla Freire; Elga Ferreira; Liliana Teixeira

Project Summary: The interdisciplinary, collaborative, multiregional and practice-based research Help2Care project, aims at developing a model of empowerment of caregivers and the dependent person for self-care and also to enable health professionals to use it. This model will include a handbook to support the caregiver (paper, audio and digital format) with accessible text and images, digital platform (website and app) and a handbook (script) with the caregivers/dependent person training model to be used by the health professionals.