After Party | Creating memories


September 24 was a day to remeber! The Leiria’s Polytechnic Institute (IPLeiria) organized a Sunset Party to receive and integrate their new national and international students.

The experience of studying abroad can be daunting. Going into a foreign country to study brings new responsibilities ans expectations that, sometimes, students struggle with. These initiatives aim for creating a sense of familiarity, to bring joy to the academic community and to celebrate our multicultural background. Such things are incredibly important for a students success.

The party was the perfect occasion to be spontaneous, to relax, and to start creating memories that hopefully will last a lifetime.

The sunset party was attended by hundreds of new international students from 45 countries. These students come to the Institute through Erasmus mobility programs, Erasmus Mundus, by bilateral agreements and by direct entry in the masters and bachelor degrees. The IPLeiria has received this year about 700 international students, that were enrolled in undergraduate and master’s degree (300) and in mobility programs (400), for periods that last from two weeks to six months.

It was a fantastic welcome to our students and we thank them for giving us the opportunity to provide guidance and support  by helping them discoverer their path in the world!