Title: Is integrated multitrophic aquaculture the solution to the sectors’ major challenges? published at Reviews in Aquaculture.

IPLeiria authors: Luana Granada, Nádia Sousa, Sofia Lopes and Marco Lemos


Main results:

With the recent intensification of aquaculture industry, a range of environmental concerns have emerged, such as effluent discharge, excessive use of resources and dependence on commercial feed. In this context, the development of sustainable aquaculture systems is becoming the cornerstone for long-term aquaculture expansion, and to achieve environmental sustainability. Integrated multitrophic aquaculture (IMTA) is regarded as a suitable approach to solve some of these problems. This system enables to achieve environmental sustainability through biomitigation of aquaculture wastes that, as compared to other accompanying methods, has advantages that may include economic stability by product diversification and risk reduction, and social acceptability through better management practices.