Title: Kinematic comparison and description of the 3-dimensional shoulder kinematics of 2 shoulder rotation tests published Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics.

IPLeiria authores: Nuno Morais


Main Results:

The relative contribution of each articular component of the shoulder complex during the functional test hand-behind-neck (HBN) is not known, despite its importance to direct clinical interventions and evaluate results. The purpose of this study was to compare shoulder external rotation range of motion during the HBN and a standard shoulder external rotation test, and to describe the 3-dimensional scapular motion during the HBN test. The end-range of shoulder rotation was similar in the HBN test and in the standard shoulder rotation test. During the HBN test, the scapula assumed a more internal and anterior spinal tilted position at the end-range of active shoulder external rotation. Findings suggest that the HBN test may be used to assess the end-range of glenohumeral external rotation.