Polytechnic of Leiria 2018 R&D+i awards attribution process is opened, according to the Polytechnic of Leiria 2018 R&D+i awards regulation, approved by the Extended Management Council after public discussion and consultation of the Research Units (RU).

In addition to the “+ scientific international publication” prizes for researchers, and the “+ science” award for RU, another award, “+ growth“, will be awarded in 2018, to acknowledge the RU with higher increase of its scientific productivity.

According to the approved regulation, a scientific awards committee was established and a calendar of the awards attribution process  was defined, according to dispatch no. 323-2018.

The values attributed to each Polytechnic of Leiria 2018 R&D+i award are:

“+ scientific international publication” awards (one per scientific area)


“+ Science” award – 1st place


“+ Science” award – 2nd place


“+ Growth” award