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Principal Investigator: Pedro Sousa

Research Unit: UIS

Institutional Partners: Polytechnic of Santarém, Polytechnic of Castelo Branco (project’s copromotors), Leiria Municipality, Central Portugal Regional Health Administration Office (project’s partners)

Team Members Researchers at Polytechnic of Leiria: Pedro Sousa, Catarina Reis, Luís Soares Luís, Maria dos Anjos Dixe, Nuno Marques, Pedro Morouço, Pedro Gaspar, Ricardo Martinho, Sara Dias

Project Summary: Cartilage related diseases are on the top list concerns of the World Health Organization, being the prevention of articular cartilage degeneration a major health matter for which there are few effective solutions. 2bio4cartilage aims: (1) to promote (with and for) students a problem-based learning approach for an enhanced action-learning process; (2) to develop a novel micro-co-extrusion with high reliability (to be patented); (3) to engineer biomaterials and bioprocesses for the construction of hybrid and functional scaffolds; (4) to create and disseminate an individual-based exercise program for persons diagnosed with OA; (5) to develop awareness of the society to the OA problem.