ProLearn4ALL | Learning Products for ALL


Principal Investigator: Catarina Mangas

Research Unit: iACT

Institutional Partners: Polytechnic of Coimbra, Cercilei – Leiria Cooperative for Teaching and Rehabilitation of Inadapted Children; Leiria Municipality

Team Members Researchers at Polytechnic of Leiria: Catarina Mangas; Carla Freire; Célia de Sousa; Clarinda Barata; Cristina Nobre; Maria Antónia Barreto; Maria Alexandra Marques; Nuno Fragata; Olga dos Santos; Susana dos Reis

Project Summary: The project aims to aware children for the difference in human being. The research and creation of accessible ludic pedagogical products, to be used in primary classroom, will allow to increase knowledge about disability, which may promote social inclusion between children.

The consortium will promote significant learning to ALL. By working together it will be possible to produce accessible ludic-pedagogical products; test these products in real contexts through the supervised internships; validated them by two external consultants and, finally, to offer them to Leiria’s School Groups in an official event organized by Leiria City Council.

All the process will be developed according to the stages of a scientific research, including the dissemination of results both nationally and internationally in order to allow replication in different contexts.