Get ready for Erasmus ++.

The future is not what it once was and you have to be prepared for the increasingly competitive market.

Should You Do an Internship? Do you prefer to have an academic experience in another country in terms of studies or research? Do you know what the European volunteer program is? Am I a teacher or student, what opportunities are there for me?

The Erasmus ++ program is already being devised by European politicians to involve the 28 EU countries, the neighboring countries, the Balkans, the East and the Southern Mediterranean, but you will have opportunities all over the world!

Why do we leave? To return. To see our country and city with new eyes and new colors and to be seen with other eyes by the others that surround us. Going back to the place of departure is not the same as never leaving! ” Terry Pratchett, The Full Hat of Sky.

Invest in yourself and have an unforgettable experience!

We are counting on you!