“Silent Television – s_TV” is a solution that allows the users of a certain place to hear the sound of a TV, even if they are in a noisy environment. The solution comprises two modules: the transmitter and the receiver.

The transmitter module is composed by equipment to capture and transmit sound from the TV to smartphones/tablets Android. The receiver module resulted in a mobile application that allows the user to choose in a very simple and intuitive way, a particular TV channel and, subsequently, receive and play the sound on the mobile device, in real time. In addition, other features are available such as recording the sound played and sharing it on social networks.

Authors: Silva E, Maximiano F, Silva M, Rodrigues N, Ferreira R

Published in: EPCGI’2016 – Encontro Português de Computação Gráfica e Interação

doi: 10.1109/EPCGI.2016.7851204