Cinema Audio Society Announces Nominations for 2016 ‘Outstanding Product’ award and Sound Particles is in the list


Nuno-Fonseca_docente-da-ESTGSound Particles 3D software, developed by Nuno Fonseca, a professor at the Polytechnic of Leiria, is one of the five nominated by the Cinema Audio Society for the ‘Outstanding Product’ award in the post-production area. The winners of the seven categories that distinguish exceptional performance in the area of sound mixing during the year 2016 will be known on February 18 at the 53rd Annual Cinema Audio Society Awards Gala in Los Angeles, USA. Sound Particles, design for entertainment professionals, uses particle systems to easily create thousands of sounds at the same time, giving rise to highly complex sound effects in a short time. Software is already being used at the Skywalker Sound (Disney), Universal, Warner Bros, Fox, Sony, Paramount, Pinewood and Park Road studios. “I’m very proud of this nomination, especially from the Hollywood sound community. It’s great to see our work receiving this kind of recognition “, reveals Nuno Fonseca. 


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