País de Conhecimento, espaço de Inovação
A land of knowledge, a place to experience


Deciding to study abroad is a complex decision to make, especially when you have so many aspects to consider. Aware of these issues Portugal government has launched a new website – Study & Research – to provide specific information for current and prospective international students, researchers and companies.
Portugal’s commitment to knowledge, creativity and innovation is visible and we want to share it with you. Over the last decades higher education, as well as, science and technology, have been experiencing an unprecedented internationalization process, leading to a major expansion both in academic mobility and intellectual production. Study & Research intend to be a key instrument to stimulate your curiosity about our scientific diplomacy, tourism, mobility, economy, heritage, language and culture.
Alongside with other major strategies to affirming Portugal position as destination of excellence, named as the 5th most pacific country in the world, this website can make you (really), think ahead to THINK PORTUGAL.