One of the last thesis defense. Aliaksandr Lasianok sucess story


defesa tese AliaksandrA mix of relief, pride and happiness to see Aliaksandr Lasianok from Belarus after defending his Master’s thesis in International Business held in the School of Technology and Management of the Polytechnic of Leiria.
He started as an Erasmus Mundus but now new doors in the market place are opening in Portugal for him and for the others here or in their countries!
The INFINITY Project stood for INternational Fellowship IN transdisciplinarITY and it was held as part of the wistful Erasmus Mundus Program. Many were the students, doc, postdoc and staff that had the opportunity to attend it coming from Eastern countries as Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia Moldova and Ukraine as partners from 3rd countries. Based on Education for Sustainable Development it was also an eye- opener for the reality in the EU for them and also a way for us to know a little bit of their rich and different culture- in fact it was a win-win situation for both parts. The accomplishment was different case to case, the adaptation to our culture also, but overall we can say that all grantees were hard working and adapted easily to the city.