Why Civil Engineering? 


Sometimes you have no idea about the study path you want to take. Sometimes you have a clue. But in all the situations you probably will want to know how the daily classes are going to be. What you will learn and how? If you still need some convincing, take a look at TOP 4 reasons  why attending a Master in Civil Engineering at Polytechnic of Leiria could be perfect for you.
First Reason: The program. Master Degree in Civil Engineering is english-taught and will prepare you to find solutions related to structures, hydraulics and environment, road design, planning, and transportation. In the second year accordingly to your career goals, you may undertake a Project, investigative research or an internship.

Second Reason: Labs. Polytechnic of Leiria has one of the biggest civil engineering lab.

Third Reason: Accreditation. Civil Engineering is accredited by EUR-ACE®. 
Fourth Reason: And at last but not least YOU will be part of multicultural classrooms where you have the opportunity to meet students from different origins giving you a global vision of how the world is composed.

Too good to be true? Check out this video!