Title: Tourism Through the Gaze of Stakeholders: the Case of Óbidos Lagoon in Portugal published Tourism Planning and Development.

 IPLeiria authores: Cátia Rebelo, Carlos Alves, Gilberto Moiteiro, Graça Ezequiel, Inês Brasão, João Vasconcelos, Mário Carvalho


Main Results:

Coastal lagoons are valued and sensitive ecosystems often threatened by human pressure. The project Reconversion of the Heritage and People of Coastal lagoons focused not only the study of the economic activities developed in Óbidos Coastal lagoon but also has identified and heard the stakeholders. The study allowed to point out tourism as a strategic tool to the sustainable development of the territory. The Óbidos lagoon destination, defined by its heritage’s singularity and authenticity, will have to benefit the development and promotion of nature-based tourism as a differentiated and critical strategy. The local communities’ engagement will be, in turn, the milestone in which the sustainability will pass from a mirage to a concrete goal.