Read Luís Lino’s story

foto_luis_lino_site_19_6_2017If you are one of those considering that college may not be worth the effort you must read Luís Lino’s story.

Luis Lino, 25 years, is a graduate student from School of Education and Social Services (ESECS) of Polytechnic of Leiria  in Portuguese-Chinese / Chinese-Portuguese Translation and Interpretation and he is the new reinforcement of the Shanghai SIPG, a team lead by Portuguese coach André Villas-Boas. He will not play football, but he will be an important reinforcement as an interpreter and translator of this important Chinese football team. He will assist not only the technical team, but also the medical department, being an important support in the communication between Portuguese and Chinese players and coaches.

So, if you are confused about what you want to study at college, look at the courses that may inspire you and the institutions websites. Read students testimonials and at the same time try not to lose track of the skills required by the labour market. Besides journalism having been Lino’s first option,  at the time of his decison it was the Chinese language that conquered him as an “exotic” and “very profitable” opportunity. Choosing a course that combines the first and fourth most spoken languages in the world has opened him a door that he never imagined possible. “I did not want to believe it!”, recalls Luís Lino, about the invitation to join the staff of Villas-Boas as an interpreter for Chinese. “This has fallen from the sky”, he says.

A unique degree in Portugal

The bachelor degree in Translation and Interpreting Portuguese / Chinese – Chinese / Portuguese at Polytechnic of Leiria is a unique degree in Portugal. It is a result of a partnership with the Polytechnic Institute of Macau and the course aims to train translators and interpreters with adequate command of the Portuguese / Chinese language to translate and interpret from and to Portuguese / Chinese, capable of mastering aspects of the nature and functioning of both cultures and societies.