Undergraduate in Applied Portuguese Language

Target: International Students / Open Applications 2020/2021


The Degree in Applied Portuguese Language intends to study the Portuguese language, in its unity and polycentric diversity, as well as the literatures and cultures which, although geographically dispersed, express themselves in Portuguese.

At the end of the study cycle, students should:

  •  Know aspects of Portuguese, Lusophone and European cultures;
  •  Adopt criteria for correctness, clarity and appropriateness in the use of the Portuguese language, both in the field of speaking as in writing;
  •  Enable communication competencies, in speaking and in writing, according to theoretical and methodological strategies, in the production and presentation of their work and in receiving and understanding of productions of other actors involved in communication;
  •  Analyse productions in Portuguese, from the perspective of its description as its linguistic properties and as its pragmatic adequacy.


 Intended learning outcomes (knowledge, skills and competences) to be developed by the students:

Branch A –  Translation and Interpreting:

  • Master the main concepts and the basic assumptions of the theory of translation and interpretation;
  • Master the main techniques of translation and interpretation;
  • Translate from Portuguese into their mother tongue;
  • Prepare proposals for textual versions in Portuguese corresponding to texts of their mother tongue;
  • Interpret, with Portuguese as a source language and their mother tongue as the target language.

Branch B – Didactics of Portuguese as a Foreign Language:

  • Develop awareness of the educational value of teaching Portuguese as a foreign language (PFL), in instrumental and cultural slopes, considering the presence of the Portuguese language in the world;
  • Knowing the specific theoretical and methodological framework of Pedagogy/Didactics of FL;
  • Develop competencies of analysis, design and production of educational materials suitable for contexts of teaching-learning PFL;
  • Use the media and diversified strategies in energizing and monitoring-evaluation of the teaching-learning process in PFL.

Main scientific area of the study cycle:

  • Foreign Languages and Literatures


  • International Students

Curricular plan

CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
2087101 Language Practice and Laboratory I1st Semester1075 h
2087102Conversation in Portuguese I1st Semester545 h
2087103Extensive Reading in Portuguese I1st Semester430 h
2087104Portuguese Linguistics I1st Semester337,5 h
2087105Writing in Portuguese I1st Semester337,5 h
2087106Introduction to the Portuguese Culture1st Semester230 h
Elective / Foreign Language I1st Semester345 h
2087108Language Practice and Laboratory II2nd Semester1075 h
2087109Conversation in Portuguese II 2nd Semester545 h
2087110Extensive Reading in Portuguese II2nd Semester430 h
2087111Portuguese Linguistics II2nd Semester337,5 h
2087112Writing in Portuguese II2nd Semester337,5 h
Elective2nd Semester230 h
Elective/Foreign Language II2nd Semester330 h
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
2087115Portuguese Linguistics III 1st Semester445 h
2087116Conversation in Portuguese III1st Semester545 h
2087117Portuguese Literature I 1st Semester545 h
2087118Portuguese History I1st Semester430 h
2087119Writing in Portuguese III1st Semester345 h
Elective / Foreign Language III1st Semester345 h
2087222Portuguese Linguistics IV2nd Semester445 h
2087223Conversation in Portuguese IV2nd Semester545 h
2087224Portuguese Literature II2nd Semester545 h
2087225Portuguese History II2nd Semester430 h
2087226Writing in Portuguese IV 2nd Semester337,5 h
Elective / Foreign Language IV2nd Semester345 h
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
2087120Translation Theories and Pratice I1st Semester637,5 h
2087133Translation Practice2nd Semester537,5 h
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
2087220Second Language Acquisition and Development1st Semester637,5 h
2087227Educational Psychology2nd Semester645 h
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
2087229 Text Genres I 1st Semester437,5 h
2087230 Discourse Analysis 1st Semester337,5 h
2087231Lusophone Cultures 1st Semester337,5 h
2087232Linguistic Intercomprehension 1st Semester645 h
2087236Text Genres II2nd Semester445 h
2087237Discourse and Multimodality2nd Semester445 h
2087238Literature of Lusophone Countries2nd Semester437,5 h
2087241Project2nd Semester1045 h
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
2087133Translation Practice1st Semester537,5 h
2087134Technologies Applied to Translation1st Semester445 h
2087135 Interpreting I1st Semester545 h
2087139 Specialized Multimodal Translation2nd Semester437,5 h
2087140 Interpreting II2nd Semester445 h
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
2087233 Didactics of Portuguese as a Foreign Language I1st Semester537,5 h
2087234Didactic Resources in PFL1st Semester545 h
2087235Multimedia in Education1st Semester445 h
2087239Didactics of Portuguese as a Foreign language II2nd Semester437,5 h
2087240Didactic Material Construction2nd Semester445 h

Employment Prospects

Branch A – Translation and Interpreting:

  • Translation and interpretation of Portuguese as the source language. 

Branch B –  Didactics of Portuguese as a Foreign Language:

  • To work in companies specialized in didactic materials, particularly in the design and elaboration of materials for the teaching of Portuguese as a non-mother language;

  •  The graduates will be able to continue studies, according to the legislative framework of  their countries, to obtain the qualification as Teacher.

Conditions of admission

Entry Requirements:

Access Exams (one of the following sets):

  • (05) Spanish and (18) Portuguese;
  • (08) French and (18) Portuguese;
  • (13) English and (18) Portuguese.

(PT Doc) Deliberação n.º 620-A/2014, de 05 de março

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