Undergraduate in Events Management

Open Applications 2019/2020


To train professionals with appropriate knowledge and skills to plan, coordinate and control activities related to the organization of events.

Tourism and Leisure

Curricular plan

CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
English for Events I1st Semester445 h
Mathematics Applied to Management1st Semester6 60 h
Introduction to Events Management1st Semester645 h
Introduction to Business Management1st Semester6 60 h
Events Marketing1st Semester545 h
Introduction to Scientific Writing1st Semester322,5 h
English for Events II2nd Semester445 h
Corporate Law2nd Semester6 60 h
Applied Statistics2nd Semester6 60 h
Image and Graphical Edition2nd Semester645 h
Market Research2nd Semester545 h
Events Anthropology2nd Semester330 h
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
Elective I1st Semester330 h
Corporate Finance1st Semester6 60 h
Events Relational Marketing1st Semester645 h
Events in Tourism and Hospitality1st Semester545 h
Events Planning1st Semester6 60 h
Etiquette and Protocol1st Semester445 h
Elective II2nd Semester330 h
Budget Management2nd Semester6 60 h
Ethics, Social Responssability and Sustainability2nd Semester445 h
Events Logistics and Safety2nd Semester6 60 h
Events Recreation Management2nd Semester6 60 h
Sport Events2nd Semester545 h
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
Events Promotion1st Semester6 60 h
Creativity and Experience in Events1st Semester445 h
Human Resource Management1st Semester445 h
Corporate Events and Congresses1st Semester545 h
Festivals and Cultural Events1st Semester545 h
Digital Technology in Events1st Semester6 60 h
Events Catering2nd Semester645 h
Events Strategic Management2nd Semester6 60 h
Fairs and Exhibitions2nd Semester645 h
Elective III2nd Semester12

Employment Prospects

  • Event Manager
  • Event Director
  • Director of exhibitions
  • Director of hotel 
  • Event organizer
  • Shows Director
  • Events Consultant
  • Freelance Event Management

Conditions of admission

International Student:

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