Undergraduate in Public Administration


The degree in Public Administration is designed to prepare professionals with multidisciplinary and specialized training for the exercise of activities in Public Administration and private sector companies that relate to Public Administration, based on skills development. Therefore, one of its goals is to try to answer to the new challenges faced by Public Administration as a result of several changes and developments, namely, on State rules of functioning, the process of European integration and even globalization, which demands a new way of acting based on criteria of efficiency and productivity not forgetting the responsibility of a Public Service prosecutor of social equity and training throughout life. This course, leaning on the set of knowledge in areas such as Law, Public Administration, Management, Accounting, Informatics, and Statistics allows thorough training in the field of Public Administration, with high capacity of understanding and action in this field.

Curricular plan

CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9002101Introduction to Public Administration1st Semester545 h
9002102Basic Principles of Law1st Semester560 h
9002103Political Science and Constitutional Law1st Semester775 h
9002106English1st Semester230 h
9002111Information Systems for Public Administration1st Semester560 h
9002108Quantitative Methods for Public Administration1st Semester660 h
9002107Administrative Law2nd Semester775 h
9002109Introduction to the Study of Organizations2nd Semester660 h
9002104Financial Accounting2nd Semester660 h
9002105Basic Economic Concepts2nd Semester560 h
9002116Human Resources Management2nd Semester660 h
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9002112Public Services Corporatization1st Semester675 h
9002113EU Law1st Semester760 h
9002114Administrative Procedure1st Semester560 h
9002115Economics and Public Finance1st Semester660 h
9002110Management Accounting1st Semester660 h
9002117Tax Law2nd Semester675 h
9002118Economic Law2nd Semester660 h
9002119Public Procurement2nd Semester660 h
9002120Public Service Management and Quality2nd Semester660 h
9002121Budgetary and Financial Analysis2nd Semester660 h
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9002122Public Administration Labour System1st Semester675 h
9002123Social Security Systems1st Semester660 h
9002124Regional and Local Administration1st Semester560 h
9002125Documentation and Archive1st Semester560 h
9002126Public Accounting1st Semester675 h
9002127Innovation and Entrepreneurship1st Semester230 h
9002128Urban Planning Law2nd Semester660 h
9002129Public and Social Marketing2nd Semester660 h
9002130Public Policies2nd Semester675 h
Elective2nd Semester12
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
Management and Project Analysis for Public Administration2nd Semester560 h
Strategic Management for Public Administration2nd Semester560 h
9002134Negotiation and Conflict Management2nd Semester560 h
Auditing2nd Semester560 h
9002136Decision Support Techniques 2nd Semester660 h
9002137Corporate Finance I2nd Semester675 h
Regional Economics2nd Semester560 h
Management Control2nd Semester560 h
Property Law2nd Semester675 h
Labour Law and Labour Procedural Law2nd Semester675 h
Dispute Resolution2nd Semester545 h
9002143General Theory on Civil Law2nd Semester790 h
Obligations Law I2nd Semester675 h
Obligations Law II2nd Semester660 h
Registry and Notary Law2nd Semester660 h
9002147Insolvency and Turnaround Management2nd Semester675 h
9002148Internship2nd Semester12324 h

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