Master in Engineering for Direct Manufacturing

Open Applications 2021/2022

Course presentation

This International Master is designed to respond to the challenges of industry digitalization (Industry 4.0) through Direct Digital Manufacturing (DDM). It is supported by the PAMI Scientific Infrastructure, deepening the knowledge and skills in this emerging field in scientific, technological and societal challenges.

It will also allow to continue the 1st cycle training in engineering existing in IPLeiria and other higher education institutions, thus consolidating the 2nd cycle offer in engineering in IPLeiria.

It will contribute strongly to reinforce the partnership between academy and companies of the region through the application of good practices and industrial research to solve problems of medium and high difficulty. Graduates will have a considerable degree of autonomy, innovation, scientific and professional integrity, contributing for being R&D catalyst in the business environment.


This Master’s Degree aims to deepen students’ knowledge and skills in the emerging field of DDM, namely:

1) Understanding DDM processes and their role in the context of Industry 4.0;

2) Select DDM processes taking into account the materials, form, function and economic criteria;

3) Expand the universe of solutions for the design, development and materialization of products obtained by DDM technologies;

4) Select suitable materials for a given DDM process, considering the modification of physical or other properties during this process;

5) Apply the DDM processes in the scope of Industry 4.0, namely customized and personalized products, decentralization and digitalization of production, and modification of logistics chains;

6) Understand the social-level impacts resulting from generalized DDM processes;

7) Acquire professional skills and scientific research, including knowledge communication skills for both specialists and non-specialists.

Curricular plan

CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
Introduction to Direct Digital Manufacturing and Future ChallengesS16T-30; OT-15
Direct Digital Manufacturing Technology IS17TP-15; PL-15;OT-15
Introduction to ResearchS15T-30;OT-15
High Performance MaterialsS15T-15;PL-15;;OT-15
Experimental Methods for Material CharacterizationS17TP-15;PL-15;OT-15
Direct Digital Manufacturing Technology IIS25TP-15; PL-15;OT-15
Materials for Direct Digital ManufacturingS25T-15;PL-15;OT-15
Research MethodologiesS25T-30; OT-15
Automation and RoboticsS25T-15;PL-15;OT-15
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
ElectivesS1 e S260TP-60/E-60

Conditions of admission

May apply for access to the course of study leading to this master degree:

1) Holders of an undergraduate degree or a legal equivalent in Engineering or related fields;

2) Holders of a foreign higher education diploma, granted after a first cycle of studies, under the principles of the Bologna Process by a EU State which has subscribed this Process, in Engineering or related fields;

3) Holders of a foreign higher education diploma that is recognized as meeting the objectives of an undergraduate degree by the Technical and Scientific Council (CTC) of the School of Technology and Management (ESTG) of the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria (IPLeiria), in Engineering or related areas;

4) Holders of an academic, scientific or professional curriculum, recognized as adequate to attend the cycle of studies by the CTC of ESTG-IPLeiria.

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