Master in Food Safety and Quality Management

Open Applications 2021/2022


The MSc in Food Safety and Quality Management aims to provide students skills to respond effectively to issues related with quality management and food security. It seeks to prepare students for careers in the national and international food chain: working in national and local government; academia and research; food production, processing, retail sectors and related areas. This training gives students scientific expertise and solid and comprehensive techniques in order to assess and solve practical problems related to feeding activity, particularly in quality control and safety and integration of innovative concepts of quality management, as well as to perform R&D activities, or even continue 3rd cycle studies.

Curricular plan

CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
2041401Quality and Food Safety1st Semester635 h
2041402Controlo da Qualidade e Segurança Microbiológica de Alimentos1st Semester51st Year
2041403Controlo da Qualidade e Segurança Química de Alimentos1st Semester51st Year
2041404Controlo Estatístico de Processo1st Semester51st Year
2041405Sistemas de Gestão da Qualidade1st Semester51st Year
2041406Recursos Alimentares Marinhos1st Semester41st Year
2041407Risk Analysis2nd Semester530 h
2041408Experimental Design2nd Semester430 h
2041409Food Consumption Sciences 2nd Semester530 h
2041410Sistemas de Gestão da Segurança Alimentar2nd Semester51st Year
2041411Integrated Management Systems 2nd Semester530 h
2041412Desenvolvimento de Novos Produtos2nd Semester61st Year
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
2041319Thesis or Traineeship / ProjectYear 60

Conditions of admission

May apply for access to the cycle of studies leading to Master’s degree in Quality Management and Food Safety:

  • Holders of a degree or legal equivalent in the areas of Food Engineering and related areas;
  • Holders of an academic, scientific or professional, who is recognized as attesting the capacity to carry out this cycle of studies by the national scientific-technical statutory authority;
  • Holders of a foreign academic degree conferred following a 1st. Cycle of studies organized according to the principles of the Bologna Process, for a State acceding to this process in the areas of Food Engineering and related areas;
  • Holders of a foreign academic degree that is recognized as meeting the objectives of a degree, by the national scientific-technical statutorily competent in the areas of Food Engineering and related areas.

More information

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