Master in Management

Open Applications 2020/2021


  1. To enable the progress of the students from the 1st study cycle in Management in ESTG-Leiria
  2. To develop the 2nd cycle academic offer in the field of management in ESTG Leiria
  3. To produce professionals with advanced training in Management, able to operate in global, complex and changeable environments 
  4. To produce professionals with initiative and with ethic and social responsibility conscientiousness 
  5. To develop partnerships with companies of the region through internships, projects and dissertations that explore practical issues of management of those companies 
  6. To develop research in the field of management by the completion of projects and dissertations 
  7. To promote the transference of advanced knowledge in the field of management to society

Curricular plan

CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9295101Advanced Finance1st Semester61st Year
9295102Strategy and Competitiveness1st Semester61st Year
9295103Statistical Methods1st Semester61st Year
9295104Operations and Logistics1st Semester61st Year
9295105Management Seminars I1st Semester61st Year
9295107Organizational Behaviour2nd Semester61st Year
9295106Financial Information2nd Semester61st Year
Elective I - Master in Management2nd Semester61st Year
Elective II - Master in Management 2nd Semester61st Year
9295110Management Seminars II2nd Semester61st Year
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
Elective III - Master in Management1st Semester302nd Year

Conditions of admission

  1. Holders of an undergraduate degree or a legal equivalent In Business or related fields.
  2. Holders of a foreign higher education diploma, granted after a first cycle of studies, under the principles of the Bologna Process, by a State, which has subscribed this Process.
  3. Holders of a foreign higher education diploma that is recognized as meeting the objectives of an undergraduate degree by the scientific body of the ESTG-IPLeiria.
  4. Holders of an academic, scientific or professional curriculum, recognized as adequate to attend the study cycle by the scientific body of the ESTG-IPLeiria.

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