Master in Tourism and Environment

Open Applications 2021/2022


The major challenges development of tourism in Portugal are  deeply linked to sustainability and tourist environment  in an Economic , Social , Cultural and Ecological perspective . These are areas of scientific knowledge crucial to one of the great purposes of this course that aims to equip future Masters students with knowledge and tools that enable them to achieve on the ground diversification, differentiation and sustainable development of tourism offerings . Contribute to affirm and promote the Portuguese Tourism in a holistic sustainability logic is one of the great goals that presides over this cycle of studies that also aims to be the introducer of new ideas and new products and services in the national / international market through the creation of self-employment .

Curricular plan

CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
2067005Touristic development strategiesS151º Ano
2067003Management and planning S1530h
2067004Research MethodologiesS1530h
2067001Natural HeritageS1530h
2067006Seminars IS1530h
2067002Tourism and alternative environmental sustainabilityS1530h
2067011Entrepreneurship and socioenvironmental responsibilityS2530h
2067010 Quality and sustainable management of tourism S2530h
2067012 Seminars IIS2530h
2067007 Ecotourism and environmental sustainabilityS2530h
2067008 Information technologies in Tourism S2530h
2067009Tourism in coastal areasS2530h
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
2067016Elective IAnual

Conditions of admission

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