Undergraduate in Accountancy and Finance


The Accounting and Finance degree aims to provide the student with a broad set of integrated dynamic competencies, firmly grounded in knowledge and ability to understand the accounting and reporting area at an advanced level and to apply that knowledge, ability to identify and solve related problems, ability to communicate, ability to select and collect/deliver information at a professional level, as well as to be able to learn independently.

Thus, the cycle of studies aims to provide skills to enable the student an easy and successful integration into the labor market in different organizational contexts, taking responsibility for public or private companies or public administration, particularly at the level of financial director, administrative and accounting. Also responding to the requirement of establishing autonomy and self-learning as a basis for adaptation to changing professional contexts.

Curricular plan

CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9871101Basic Economic Concepts1st Semester560 h
9871102Introduction to Management1st Semester560 h
9871103Financial Accounting and Reporting I1st Semester681 h
9871104Quantitative Methods1st Semester660 h
9871105Business Law I1st Semester545 h
9871106Information and Communication Technologies1st Semester230 h
9871107Communication Models and Techniques1st Semester115 h
9871108Business Law II2nd Semester545 h
9871109Financial Accounting and Reporting II2nd Semester675 h
9871110Applied Statistics for Corporate Sciences2nd Semester675 h
9871111Corporate Finance I2nd Semester675 h
9871112Business Taxation I2nd Semester545 h
9871113English2nd Semester230 h
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9627114Management Accounting I1st Semester660 h
9627115Strategic Management1st Semester560 h
9627116Corporate Finance II1st Semester660 h
9627117Business Taxation II1st Semester660 h
9627118Financial Accounting and Reporting III1st Semester660 h
9627158Corporate Sciences Seminar I1st Semester115 h
9627120Forecasting Methods2nd Semester660 h
9627121Management Accounting II2nd Semester660 h
9627122Corporate Finance III2nd Semester660 h
9627123Financial Accounting and Reporting IV2nd Semester660 h
9627124Business Taxation III2nd Semester545 h
9627159Corporate Sciences Seminar II2nd Semester115 h
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9627126Financial Instruments1st Semester660 h
9627153Financial Auditing1st Semester560 h
9627135Labour Law1st Semester330 h
9627129Corporate and Business Valuation1st Semester675 h
9627130Management Accounting III1st Semester660 h
9627160Financial Accounting and Reporting V1st Semester445 h
9627161Business Simulation2nd Semester15180 h
9627134Professional Ethics2nd Semester345 h
9627128Investment Analysis2nd Semester560 h
9627127Public Accounting2nd Semester560 h
9627131Innovation and Entrepreneurship2nd Semester230 h

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