Undergraduate in Communication and Media


The course aims to train professionals with solid theoretical and practical training in communication and media. The students develop competencies for professional practice in the subfields of journalism, communication management and strategic communication. The training enhances production in different languages and technologies.

The curriculum aims to provide students with the following skills and knowledge:

– To understand the history and dynamics of the development of communication and media

– To distinguish between the purposes and specific characteristics of subfields and professions in the area of communication

– To understand the organization of media, its main formats and operating dynamics

– To design, plan and produce appropriate content for different areas of professional activity (information and communication management)

– Identify the characteristics of different media and master production technologies to achieve appropriate solutions for different goals and media (print, audio, video, digital)

– To develop design and production skills for appropriate solutions to be applied to multimedia environments

– To develop critical analysis and project review skills

– To understand the legal and ethical frameworks of professional practice in the area

– To understand the political, economic and cultural frameworks of contemporary societies

– To reflect on technologies and discourse of the media and their social impact

– To analyze the processes and contexts of reception of media products

– To develop research skills in communication

– To explore critical analysis and self-reflection skills guiding performance and professional development

Scientific area of the study
Communication Studies



  • Journalism
  • Communication Management
  • Strategic Communication
  • Advertising
  • Public Relations
  • Press Office
  • Audiovisual and Multimedia Production
  • Media (Press, Radio, TV, Multimedia)
  • Communication, Advertising and Consulting Agencies
  • Communication Offices (public and private institutions)
  • Business Sector in general (communication management and strategic communication)
  • Design Agencies
  • Multimedia Production Companies
  • Content Production Companies

Curricular plan

CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
3099101Communication in Portuguese1st Semester545 h
3099102Communication Theories1st Semester545 h
3099103Media History and Dynamics1st Semester545 h
3099104Contemporary History1st Semester560 h
3099105Image Theory and Practice1st Semester660 h
Elective - Foreign Language I1st Semester445 h
3099107Research in Social Sciences and Communication2nd Semester545 h
3099108Information and News Genres2nd Semester545 h
3099109Marketing and Integrated Communication2nd Semester545 h
3099110Semiotics2nd Semester545 h
3099111Audiovisual Media2nd Semester560 h
Elective - Foreign Language II2nd Semester445 h
3099113Communication Workshop I2nd Semester1
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
3099114Sociology of Communication1st Semester545 h
3099115Political Science and International Relations1st Semester545 h
3099116Journalism Laboratory1st Semester545 h
3099117Media and advertising1st Semester545 h
3099118Aesthetics and Graphics1st Semester445 h
3099119Multimedia Technologies1st Semester560 h
3099120Communication Workshop II1st Semester1
3099121Contemporary World Issues2nd Semester545 h
3099122Law and Deontology2nd Semester545 h
3099123News Production Theories2nd Semester445 h
3099124Content Production2nd Semester560 h
Elective I2nd Semester545 h
3099126Communication Workshop III2nd Semester1
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9719321Project1st Semester1060 h
Media Analysis1st Semester545 h
Media and Business Models Management1st Semester545 h
Elective 2 - Master in Communication and Media1st Semester545 h
9719331Interneship2nd Semester30

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