Undergraduate in Cultural Programming and Production

Course presentation

The degree in Programming and Cultural Production is a new bachelor’s degree. This degree was created to respond to new and old needs and respond to new and old opportunities. The activities range from traditional cultural programming, production and management to the new trends in Cultural and Creative Industries. Its curricular structure guarantees the practical instruments and theoretical skills necessary for a solid and professional formation in the areas of programming, production and cultural management. If you want to develop sustainable, creative and profitable cultural projects this bachelor is for you.

Curricular plan

CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
12710001Economy of Culture1st Semester345 h
12710002Workshop on Cultural Mediation I1st Semester990 h
12710003Cultural Studies1st Semester660 h
12710004Museology and Cultural Heritage1st Semester660 h
Elective TP11st Semester6
12710006History of Contemporary Visual Arts2nd Semester660 h
12710007Workshop on Cultural Mediation II2nd Semester990 h
12710008Sociology of the Arts2nd Semester660 h
12710009History of Contemporary Performing Arts2nd Semester345 h
Elective TP22nd Semester6
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
12710011Project Management Instruments and Evaluation1st Semester345 h
12710012Artistic and Cultural Programming Project I1st Semester990 h
12710013Workshop on Communication I1st Semester660 h
12710014Territories, Cities and Sustainable Development1st Semester660 h
Elective TP31st Semester6
12710016Themes and Debates on Contemporary Arts2nd Semester660 h
12710017Artistic and Cultural Programming Project II2nd Semester990 h
12710018Workshop on Communication II2nd Semester660 h
12710019Applied Practice of Cultural Events Production2nd Semester345 h
Elective TP42nd Semester6
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
12710021Law and Financing of Cultural Projects1st Semester345 h
12710022Creative Lab and Curatorship1st Semester990 h
12710023Contemporary Curatorial Practices1st Semester660 h
12710024Cultural and Creative Industries1st Semester660 h
Elective TP51st Semester6
12710026Internship2nd Semester30

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