Undergraduate in Dietetics and Nutrition


The primary objectives of the degree in Dietetics presuppose the training of graduates with the following skills:

  • High systemic perception of the human being, of the health concept, of the scientific and technical knowledge, and of the research and practice of dietetics;
  • Autonomy in problem­solving and decision­making, based in the values of beneficence and non­maleficence, justice, ethics and deontology;
  • Consolidated and updated knowledge, multidisciplinary but specific in the fields of dietetics and nutrition, by valuing Lifelong­learning, national and international cooperation and acting according to the different socio­cultural and economic contexts;
  • Creative, critical and reflective thinking, social and scientifically responsible;
  • Ability to provide quality services in the context of clinical nutrition, community and public health, food quality, management/administration, research & development, while promoting the health of individuals and of the populations.

Curricular plan

CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
8149101Anatomy and Physiology I1st Semester563 h
8149102Cell Biology and Histology1st Semester555 h
8149103Biostatistics1st Semester440 h
8149104Psychology1st Semester440 h
8149105General and Organic Chemistry1st Semester550 h
8149106Health Communication1st Semester332 h
8149107Sociology and Food History1st Semester440 h
8149108Anatomy and Physiology II2nd Semester563 h
8149109Food and Human Nutrition I2nd Semester665 h
8149110Biochemistry2nd Semester660 h
8149111Bioethics2nd Semester232 h
8149112Introduction to the profession2nd Semester220 h
8149113Genetics2nd Semester350 h
8149114Food Microbiology and Parasitology2nd Semester665 h
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
8149115Food and Human Nutrition II1st Semester770 h
8149116Hygiene and Food Safety1st Semester650 h
8149117Imunology1st Semester445 h
8149118Farmacology1st Semester440 h
8149119Bromatology1st Semester555 h
8149120Food Toxicology1st Semester440 h
8149121Food Services Management2nd Semester655 h
8149122Food Quality and Safety Management Systems2nd Semester455 h
8149123Gastrotechnic2nd Semester455 h
8149124Pathology2nd Semester660 h
8149125Public Health and Epidemiology2nd Semester555 h
8149126Nutritional Status Assessment2nd Semester565 h
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
8149127Diet Therapy I1st Semester659 h
8149128Artificial Nutrition1st Semester340 h
8149129Nutrition in the life cycle1st Semester660 h
8149130Food and Nutrition Marketing1st Semester340 h
8149131Nutrition Policy1st Semester440 h
8149132Research Methodologies1st Semester555 h
8149133Option I1st Semester3
8149134Diet Therapy II2nd Semester659 h
8149135Community Nutrition2nd Semester455 h
8149136Research Project2nd Semester665 h
8149137Food Technology and Inovation2nd Semester659 h
8149138Sports Nutrition2nd semester550 h
8149139Option II2nd Semester3
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
8149140Internship in Dietetics and Nutrition I1st Semester30420 h
8149141Internship in Dietetics and Nutrition II1st Semester30420h

More information

All subjects are held in Portuguese. Tutorial support in English.


E-mail: estudante.internacional@.ipleiria.pt