Undergraduate in Fine Art

Course presentation


To train professionals in the field of artistic creation in its various dimensions (both in the traditional media and in the new media), providing graduates with a capacity for problematization, criticism and experimentation, within the scope of the definition of an individual artistic project

Study area
Architecture, Fine Arts and Design

Curricular plan

CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9007201Fine Arts and New Media I1st Semester9128 h
9007202Drawing I1st Semester664 h
9007203Art and Culture: from Greece to Middle Ages1st Semester348 h
9007204Art and Art Object I1st Semester348 h
Electives TP - 11st Semester664 h
Electives T - 11st Semester332 h
9007207Fine Arts and New Media II2nd Semester9128 h
9007208Drawing II2nd Semester664 h
9007209Modern Age: from Renaissance to the Romantic Period2nd Semester348 h
9007210Art and Art Object II2nd Semester348 h
Electives TP - 22nd Semester664 h
Electives T - 22nd Semester332 h
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9007213Fine Arts Project I1st Semester9128 h
9007214Advanced Drawing1st Semester664 h
9007215The Art of the Vanguards1st Semester348 h
Electives TP - 3 a)1st Semester664 h
Electives TP - 3 b)1st Semester664 h
9007218Fine Arts Project II2nd Semester9128 h
9007219Drawing Project2nd Semester664 h
9007220The Sixties': New Paradigm2nd Semester348 h
Electives TP - 4 a)2nd Semester664 h
Electives TP - 4 b)2nd Semester664 h
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9007223Advanced Fine Arts Project I1st Semester15128 h
9007224Marketing of Cultural Goods1st Semester348 h
9007225Theories and Problematics of Art I1st Semester348 h
Electives TP - 51st Semester664 h
Electives T - 51st Semester332 h
9007228Advanced Fine Arts Project II2nd Semester18128 h
9007229Theories and Problematics of Art II2nd Semester348 h
Electives TP - 62nd Semester664 h
Electives T - 62nd Semester332 h

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