Undergraduate in Food Engineering

Course presentation

The undergraduate degree in Food Engineering has as a main purpose to graduate professionals with skills to play an active role in the development, implementation, improvement and management of food transformation processes, in the quality control of food products, distribution and in the implementation of food safety management systems. Another objective of the proposed study cycle is to train professionals able to conduct food development projects in an integrated and multidisciplinary way. Graduates will have the skills needed for immediate participation in the industry/consultancy areas or for post graduate degree enrolment.

Curricular plan

CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9087201Mathematics Analysis I1st Semester61st Year
9087202Chemistry1st Semester61st Year
9087203Biology1st Semester61st Year
9087204Physics1st Semester71st Year
9087205Introduction to Industrial Processes1st Semester51st Year
9087206Mathematics Analysis II2nd Semester61st Year
9087207Food Chemistry2nd Semester71st Year
9087208Engenharia Processual2nd Semester61st Year
9087209Rheological and Physical Properties2nd Semester51st Year
9087210Structural Biochemistry2nd Semester61st Year
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9087211Metabolism1st Semester62nd Year
9087212Food Microbiology1st Semester72nd Year
9087213Food Analysis I1st Semester72nd Year
9087214Transport Phenomena1st Semester62nd Year
9087215Nutrition1st Semester42nd Year
9087216Molecular Genetics2nd Semester62nd Year
9087217Food Biotechnology2nd Semester52nd Year
9087218Food Analysis II2nd Semester72nd Year
9087219Applied Statistics2nd Semester62nd Year
9087220Food Technology I2nd Semester62nd Year
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9087221Food Technology II1st Semester63rd Year
9087222Waste Management1st Semester43rd Year
9087223Quality Control and Food Safety1st Semester53rd Year
9087224Bioprocess Technology1st Semester63rd Year
9087225 Animal Product Technology1st Semester53rd Year
9087226Sensory Analysis1st Semester43rd Year
9087227Toxicology2nd Semester53rd Year
9087228Food Safety Management Systems2nd Semester43rd Year
9087229Vegetable Technology2nd Semester53rd Year
9087230Food Marketing and Management2nd Semester53rd Year
9087231Research and Development in Food Industry2nd Semester43rd Year
Elective2nd Semester73rd Year

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