Undergraduate in Health Information Sciences


The Undergraduate in Health Information Sciences aims at training professionals with sound knowledge in the area of Health Information Systems in Healthcare, including analysis, classification and visualization of health information, and the correct use of Information Technologies and Systems (TSI). It also includes the parameterization and use of IST support to public health, the processes (organizational, managerial and clinical) and the practice of health care, to the drug circuit and electronic prescribing drugs and complementary diagnostics and therapeutics , to pharmaceutical management, clinical analysis and hospital management in general. It also has an imminently practical and vocational education, strengthened by the development of studies and projects in partnership with health organizations, and research institutions. Still focuses on specific standards and technologies in storage, safe access, anonymization, and transmission correct visualization of health data.

Curricular plan

CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9999101Anatomia e Fisiologia1st Semester61st Year
9999102Psicossociologia da Saúde1st Semester61st Year
9999103Epidemiologia e Saúde Pública1st Semester61st Year
9999104Primeiros Socorros e Suporte Básico de Vida1st Semester41st Year
9999105Computadores e Programação I1st Semester61st Year
9999106Inglês1st Semester21st Year
9999107Educação e Comunicação em Saúde2nd Semester41st Year
9999108Caracterização de Sistemas e Serviços de Saúde2nd Semester41st Year
9999109Plataformas de Informação de Saúde2nd Semester51st Year
9999110Gestão de Dados de Saúde I2nd Semester51st Year
9999111Tecnologias de Diagnóstico2nd Semester41st Year
9999112Projeto I2nd Semester81st Year
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9999113Modelos de Intervenção Terapêutica1st Semester62nd Year
9999114Economia da Saúde1st Semester32nd Year
9999115Computadores e Programação II1st Semester62nd Year
9999116Gestão de Dados de Saúde II1st Semester62nd Year
9999117Redes de Dados de Saúde1st Semester42nd Year
9999118Processos de Cuidados de Saúde1st Semester52nd Year
9999119Metodologias de Desenvolvimento de Software2nd Semester52nd Year
9999120Laboratório de Sistemas Operativos2nd Semester42nd Year
9999121Aplicações Web2nd Semester52nd Year
9999122Desenho da Informação em Saúde2nd Semester42nd Year
Unidade Curricular Optativa2nd Semester42nd Year
9999126Projeto II2nd Semester82nd Year
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9999127Investigação em Saúde1st Semester63rd Year
9999128Classificação e Codificação Clínica1st Semester63rd Year
9999129Sistemas de Informação em Saúde1st Semester63rd Year
9999130Integração de Sistemas de Informação1st Semester63rd Year
9999131Privacidade e Proteção de Dados de Saúde1st Semester63rd Year
9999132Estatística Aplicada à Saúde2nd Semester43rd Year
9999133Prática Baseada na Evidência2nd Semester43rd Year
9999134Bioinformática2nd Semester43rd Year
Unidade Curricular Optativa2nd Semester43rd Year
Projeto Final / Estágio2nd Semester143rd Year

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