Undergraduate in Human Relations and Organisational Communication

Course presentation

Train professionals to be able to develop a strategic intervention in the relational and communicational processes of organizations, enabling them to exercise a wide range of functions, in the ambit of humanization and internal and external communication.

Field of Study
Law, Social Sciences and Services


Curricular plan

CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9797201Communication in Portuguese Language1st Semester61st Year
9797202General Principles of Law1st Semester41st Year
9797203Social History and Contemporary Politics1st Semester41st Year
9797204Social Psychology1st Semester41st Year
9797205Social Anthropology1st Semester41st Year
9797206Statistics1st Semester41st Year
9797207Methods and Techniques of Research in Social Sciences1st Semester41st Year
9797208Industrial Relations and Labour Law2nd Semester61st Year
9797209Psychosociology of Organizations2nd Semester41st Year
9797210Sociology of Communication2nd Semester41st Year
9797211Economics2nd Semester41st Year
9797212Workshop – Group Dynamics and Interpersonal Relationships2nd Semester41st Year
9797213Business English I2nd Semester41st Year
Foreign Language I2nd Semester41st Year
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9797215Human Resources Management1st Semester62nd Year
9797216Management of Conflicts and Labour Mediation1st Semester62nd Year
9797217Communication Law1st Semester42nd Year
9797218Discourse Analysis1st Semester32nd Year
9797219Practice of Secretariat and Assessorship1st Semester32nd Year
9797220Business English II1st Semester42nd Year
Foreign Language II1st Semester42nd Year
9797222Business Management and Entrepreneurship2nd Semester62nd Year
9797223Advertising and Marketing2nd Semester52nd Year
9797224Applied Information System Instruments2nd Semester32nd Year
9797225Economical and Financial Analysis2nd Semester42nd Year
9797226Business English III2nd Semester42nd Year
Foreign Language III2nd Semester42nd Year
9797228Multimedia Lab2nd Semester42nd Year
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9797229Public Relations and Office of Press1st Semester63rd Year
9797230Hygiene, Safety, Quality of Life at Work1st Semester43rd Year
9797231Plan of Integrated Organizational Communication1st Semester63rd Year
9797232Organization of Events and Protocol Workshop1st Semester23rd Year
9797233Business English IV1st Semester43rd Year
Foreign Language IV1st Semester43rd Year
Elective1st Semester43rd Year
9797236Internship2nd Semester303rd Year

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