Undergraduate in Management


The generic objectives of the management course is to prepare students with knowledge and skills in management, in order to meet the needs of companies and other organizations in different fields such as: business strategy, accounting and finance, planning and control, marketing, human resources and other aspects of knowledge considered fundamental to perform management functions. Thus, it is intended that, at the end of the course, the student will be prepared for the different requirements and dimensions of management business , particularly in terms of responsiveness to complex problems under uncertainty, in a global world, increasingly competitive and constantly changing. Additionally, the management course is also intended to train students with skills in entrepreneurship, with great capacity for innovation and autonomy. Achieving these goals also guarantees a solid base for further training at a higher level.

Curricular plan

CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9147401Financial Accounting I1st Semester675 h
9147402Applied Statistics for Management I1st Semester560 h
9147403Introduction to Management1st Semester560 h
9147404Macroeconomics1st Semester675 h
9147405Quantitative Methods1st Semester660 h
9147406English1st Semester230 h
9147407Corporate Finance I2nd Semester675 h
9147408Financial Accounting II2nd Semester660 h
9147409Applied Statistics for Management II2nd Semester560 h
9147410Microeconomics2nd Semester675 h
9147411Technologies and Information Systems2nd Semester660 h
9147412Communication Models and Techniques2nd Semester115 h
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9147413Management Accounting and Budget Control I1st Semester560 h
9147414Commercial Law1st Semester660 h
9147415Corporate Finance II1st Semester660 h
9147416Taxation 1st Semester660 h
9147417Strategic Marketing1st Semester660 h
9147418Accounting Laboratory1st Semester115 h
9147419Management Accounting and Budget Control II2nd Semester660 h
9147420Financial Management2nd Semester660 h
9147421Financial Instruments2nd Semester660 h
9147422Operational Marketing2nd Semester660 h
Elective I2nd Semester5
9147424Management Seminar2nd Semester115 h
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9147425Human Resources Management1st Semester660 h
9147426Business Strategy1st Semester660 h
9147427Operations Management1st Semester660 h
Elective II1st Semester5
9147429Business Management Software1st Semester560 h
9147430Innovation and Entrepreneurship1st Semester230 h
9147431Investment Analysis and Business Valuation2nd Semester660 h
9147432International Management2nd Semester660 h
9147433Decision Support Techniques 2nd Semester660 h
9147434Business Project2nd Semester660 h
Elective III2nd Semester5
9147436Businesses Seminar2nd Semester115 h
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
Strategic Alliances560 h
Organizational Behaviour560 h
9147439Management and Commercial Negotiation560 h
Production Management 560 h
Logistics560 h
9147442Forecasting Methods660 h
Innovation Management560 h
Survey Sampling and Data Analysis560 h
Business Economics560 h
International Economics560 h
Industrial Economics560 h
Regional Economics560 h
Advanced Investment Analysis and Business Valuation560 h
Consumer Behaviour660 h
Brand Management660 h
9147452Market Research660 h
Marketing Strategies560 h
International Marketing660 h
Industrial Marketing560 h
Relationship Marketing560 h
Public and Social Marketing560 h
Direct and Database Marketin560 h
Advanced Financial Accounting560 h
9147460Financial Auditing560 h
Advanced Taxation560 h
Public Accounting560 h
Social Responsibility Accounting560 h
9147464Management Accounting660 h
Economic Law345 h
Professional Ethics345 h
Labour Law330 h

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