Undergraduate in Marketing for Tourism

Course presentation


Provide professionals with the skills necessary to properly manage the different specialists and specialties involved in each marketing plan or strategy.


Curricular plan

CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
English for Marketing I1st Semester445 h
Introduction to Tourism1st Semester645 h
Introduction to Marketing1st Semester445 h
Software Applied to Marketing1st Semester660 h
Fundamentals of Management1st Semester645 h
Marketing Research and Market Research1st Semester445 h
English for Marketing II2nd Semester445 h
Geography Applied to Marketing and Tourism2nd Semester660 h
Mathematics Applied to Marketing2nd Semester660 h
Public Relations in Tourism2nd Semester445 h
Marketing Services2nd Semester645 h
Tourism Business Management2nd Semester430 h
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
Elective I1st Semester330 h
Relashionship Marketing1st Semester445 h
Marketing Creativity1st Semester445 h
Consumer Behavior1st Semester445 h
Strategic Marketing in Tourism1st Semester460 h
Marketing and Tourism law1st Semester545 h
Applied Statistcs1st Semester660 h
Elective II2nd Semester330 h
Digital Marketing2nd Semester660 h
Basic Finantial Instruments2nd Semester660 h
Distribution in Tourism Activities2nd Semester560 h
Culture and Society2nd Semester445 h
Destination Marketing2nd Semester645 h
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
Operacional Marketing1st Semester445 h
Digital Marketing II1st Semester645 h
Finantial Management1st Semester660 h
Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Tourism1st Semester645 h
Advertising1st Semester560 h
Business Ethics1st Semester330 h
Events and Enternainement in Tourism2nd Semester645 h
Sales Force Management2nd Semester660 h
Brand Management in Tourism2nd Semester645 h
Elective 32nd Semester12

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The course was recognized with Tedqual certification, by the World Tourism Organization, the result of a bet on the quality of education.