Undergraduate in Marketing for Tourism

Open Applications 2019/2020

Course presentation


Provide professionals with the skills necessary to properly manage the different specialists and specialties involved in each marketing plan or strategy.


Curricular plan

CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9207306Criatividade em Marketing1st Semester41st Year
9207304Informatics Applied to Marketing1st Semester61st Year
9207301English I1st Semester41st Year
9207303Introduction to Marketing1st Semester41st Year
9207302Introduction to tourism1st Semester61st Year
9207305Introduction to Management1st Semester61st Year
9207308Tourism Geography2nd Semester61st Year
9207312Touristic Enterprises Management2nd Semester41st Year
9207307English II2nd Semester41st Year
9207311Services Marketing2nd Semester61st Year
9207309Quantitative Methods2nd Semester61st Year
9207310Marketing Research2nd Semester41st Year
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9207316Consumer Behaviour1st Semester52nd Year
9207318Marketing and Tourism Law1st Semester52nd Year
9207319Statistics Applied to Marketing1st Semester62nd Year
9207317Operational and Strategic Marketing1st Semester62nd Year
9207315Marketing Relacional1st Semester52nd Year
9207338Elective 9207 II 2nd Year 1st Semester1st Semester32nd Year
9207325Comunicação e Sociedade2nd Semester42nd Year
9207323Instrumentos Básicos de Finanças2nd Semester62nd Year
9207326Marketing de Destinos2nd Semester62nd Year
9207322Marketing Digital2nd Semester62nd Year
9207339Opção Curso 9207 II 2º ano S22nd Semester32nd Year
9207324Relações Públicas em Turismo2nd Semester52nd Year
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9207332Ética Empresarial1st Semester33rd Year
9207329Gestão Orçamental1st Semester63rd Year
9207330Inovação e Empreendedorismo em Turismo1st Semester63rd Year
9207327Planeamento Estratégico no Turismo1st Semester63rd Year
9207331Publicidade1st Semester53rd Year
9207328Turismo e Desenvolvimento Sustentável1st Semester43rd Year
9207336Distribuição em Atividades Turísticas2nd Semester43rd Year
9207333Eventos e Animação em Turismo2nd Semester63rd Year
9207334Gestão da Força de Vendas2nd Semester63rd Year
9207335Gestão de Marcas em Turismo2nd Semester63rd Year
9207340Opção Curso 9207 II 3º ano S22nd Semester83rd Year

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The course was recognized with Tedqual certification, by the World Tourism Organization, the result of a bet on the quality of education.