Undergraduate in Marketing


The degree in Marketing is designed to prepare professionals with multidisciplinary and specialized training for the exercise of activities in marketing areas, able to: identify, define and explain specific concepts, define and solve problems, apply concepts and theories in real world situations; analyze and distinguish different organizational contexts; gather, select, synthesize and communicate information in a professional manner; learn independently and continuously. Thus, it is intended that, at the end of the degree in Marketing, the student can be successful in labor market integration, assuming responsibilities in public or private organizations, both at the top or at the functional level. It is also expected that he/she becomes autonomous and self-requiring, in order to be adaptable to changing professional contexts. Achieving these goals also guarantees a solid basis for further training at higher levels (2nd and 3rd degree cycles).

Curricular plan

CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9205201Strategic Marketing1st Semester660 h
9205202Quantitative Methods1st Semester660 h
9205203Introduction to Management1st Semester560 h
9205204Technologies and Information Systems1st Semester560 h
9205205Financial Accounting1st Semester660 h
9205206English1st Semester230 h
9205207Consumer Behaviour2nd Semester660 h
9205208Management Accounting2nd Semester660 h
9205209Operational Marketing2nd Semester660 h
9205210Basic Economic Concepts2nd Semester560 h
9205211Statistics Applied to Marketing2nd Semester660 h
9205212Communication Models and Techniques2nd Semester115 h
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9205213Distribution and Merchandising1st Semester545 h
9205214Management and Commercial Negotiation1st Semester545 h
9205215Market Research1st Semester660 h
9205216Human Resources Management1st Semester660 h
9205217Logistics and Supply Chain Management1st Semester560 h
9205218Database Marketing1st Semester345 h
9205219International Marketing2nd Semester660 h
9205220Content Production2nd Semester560 h
9205221Marketing Communication2nd Semester660 h
9205222Law Applied to Marketing2nd Semester660 h
9205223Corporate Finance2nd Semester660 h
9205224Marketing Seminar2nd Semester115 h
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9205225Business Strategy1st Semester660 h
9205226Digital Marketing 1st Semester660 h
9205227Brand Management1st Semester660 h
9205228Visual Communication and Graphic Design1st Semester560 h
Elective I1st Semester5
9205230Innovation and Entrepreneurship1st Semester230 h
Elective II2nd Semester15
9205232Design and Marketing of New Products2nd Semester560 h
9205233Relationship Marketing c)2nd Semester560 h
9205234Service Marketing c)2nd Semester560 h

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