Undergraduate in Mechanical Engineering


The study cycle is particularly aimed at meeting the growing demands and expectations of modern industries, towards an increase in competitiveness and productivity, by developing knowledge in the areas of product design and development, computer-aided technologies, project of moulds and plastic parts, mechanical project, materials, manufacturing processes, electromechanical technologies, as well as basic management skills. Graduate students are intended to have solid base-knowledge, coupled with a significant set of practical skills, in order to integrate industries as a significant added value. The formation range is broad, allowing the graduate student to work on several industrial sectors, such as manufacturing industries, and also non industrial – research centres, technological centres, among others.

Curricular plan

CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9123201Mathematical Analysis1st Semester675 h
9123202Linear Algebra1st Semester560 h
9123203Physics1st Semester675 h
9123204Computer Programming1st Semester660 h
9123205English1st Semester230 h
9123206Chemistry and Materials1st Semester560 h
9123207Applied Mathematics2nd Semester675 h
9123208Statistics2nd Semester345 h
9123209Technical Drawing2nd Semester560 h
9123210Materials Technology2nd Semester660 h
9123211Mechanical Technology I2nd Semester560 h
9123212Applied Mechanics2nd Semester575 h
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9123213Mechanics of Materials1st Semester575 h
9123214Mechanical Technology II1st Semester560 h
9123215Thermodynamics1st Semester560 h
9123216Fluid Mechanics1st Semester560 h
9123217Plastics Processing1st Semester560 h
9123218Computer-Aided Design (CAD)1st Semester560 h
9123219Machine Elements I2nd Semester660 h
9123220Mechanics of Composite Materials2nd Semester460 h
9123221Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE)2nd Semester560 h
9123222Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM)2nd Semester460 h
Elective I2nd Semester660 h
9123224Electro-technology and Industrial Electronics2nd Semester560 h
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9123225Machine Elements II1st Semester460 h
9123226Advanced Manufacturing Processes1st Semester560 h
Elective II1st Semester775 h
9123228Design and Product Development1st Semester460 h
Elective III1st Semester560 h
9123230Industrial Automation1st Semester560 h
9123231Quality and Resources Management2nd Semester460 h
9123232Production and Maintenance Management2nd Semester460 h
Elective IV2nd Semester1290 h
9123234Seminar2nd Semester315 h
Elective V2nd Semester560 h
9123236Innovation and Entrepreneurship2nd Semester230 h

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