Undergraduate in Primary Education

Course presentation

Provide theoretical, practical and methodological knowledge and skills in the teaching areas of basic education, in order to promote the knowledge and motivation of the professionals, stimulating their own development.


Curricular plan

CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9853301Methodology of Educational Research1st Semester31st Year
9853302Numbers and Operations1st Semester51st Year
9853303Origins of Mathematics1st Semester41st Year
9853304Communication and Expression in Portuguese Language1st Semester41st Year
9853305Musical Expression1st Semester51st Year
9853306Motor Expression1st Semester51st Year
9853307History of Portugal1st Semester41st Year
9853308Sociology and Educational Anthropology2nd Semester81st Year
9853309Teaching Practice I2nd Semester41st Year
9853310Topics in Algebra and Functions2nd Semester41st Year
9853311Portuguese Literature2nd Semester41st Year
9853312Drama Expression2nd Semester41st Year
9853313Matter and Energy2nd Semester41st Year
9853314Human Geography2nd Semester41st Year
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9853315Development and Learning Psychology1st Semester32nd Year
9853316Topics of Data Analysis, Statistics and Probabilities1st Semester42nd Year
9853317Literature for Children1st Semester52nd Year
9853318Portuguese Linguistics I1st Semester52nd Year
9853319Artistic Expression1st Semester52nd Year
9853320Biological Unity and Diversity1st Semester42nd Year
9853321Physical Geography1st Semester42nd Year
9853322Special Educational Needs2nd Semester32nd Year
9853323Teaching Practice II2nd Semester42nd Year
9853324Geometry and Measures2nd Semester52nd Year
9853325Portuguese Linguistics II2nd Semester52nd Year
9853326Aesthetics and Artistic Education2nd Semester52nd Year
9853327Geological Diversity2nd Semester42nd Year
9853328Local History and Citizenship for the Patrimony2nd Semester42nd Year
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9853329Curriculum Organization and Development1st Semester33rd Year
9853330Didactics of Expressions1st Semester43rd Year
9853331Didactics of Mathematics1st Semester43rd Year
9853332Didactics of the Study of the Environment1st Semester43rd Year
Elective I1st Semester53rd Year
9853334Acquisition and Development of the Language1st Semester43rd Year
9853335Art, Creativity and Development1st Semester63rd Year
9853336Didactics of Language2nd Semester43rd Year
9853337Teaching Practice III2nd Semester83rd Year
Elective II2nd Semester43rd Year
9853339Processing of Reading and Writing2nd Semester53rd Year
985340Integrated Expressions2nd Semester33rd Year
9853341Living Beings and the Environment2nd Semester33rd Year
9853342Health Education2nd Semester33rd Year

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