Undergraduate in Social Education

Course presentation

1. To know and understand the academic, scientific and praxiological foundations that support the educational and professional field of Social Educators;

2. Analyze and critically understand the nature of the theories, methodologies and areas of intervention of the Social Educator;

3. To know and employ strategies and methodologies for socio-educational intervention among vulnerable and culturally diverse populations in the sense of the development of individuals and communities;

4. Develop capacities to promote processes of cultural and social dynamism;

5. Develop and analyze the sociopolitical, educational and cultural realities in which the professional practice of the social educator develops;

6. Diagnose complex social situations that support the need to develop socio-educational actions;

7. Acquire knowledge and skills to design and develop and evaluate projects of socio-educational action in different contexts and for different groups of people;

8. To develop decision-making capacities related to the improvement of their training and professional practice, with full respect for the deontological principles to which Pedagogy / Social Education refers, supported by civic values and Human Rights;

9. Understand the dynamics of Social Education the trajectory of configuration of its field of professional identity;

10. Develop a critical attitude and promote the development of socio-educational practices informed by the multidisciplinarity of Social Education;

Curricular plan

CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9084401Introduction to Social Education1st Semester860 h
9084402Introduction to Social Sciences1st Semester660 h
9084403Methods an Techniques of Social Research1st Semester660 h
9084404Developmental Psychology1st Semester545 h
9084405Human Rights and Education1st Semester545 h
9084406Social Pedagogy2nd Semester860 h
9084407Social and Cultural Anthropology2nd Semester445 h
9084408Sociology of Free Time and Leisure2nd Semester445 h
9084409Research in Social Education2nd Semester660 h
90844010Psychology of Education2nd Semester445 h
Option I2nd Semester445 h
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9084412Group Dynamics and Interpersonal Relationships1st Semester660 h
9084413Education and Intervention in Family Contexts1st Semester545 h
9084414Education and Social Policy and Legislation 1st Semester560 h
9084415Sociology of Education1st Semester545 h
9084416Education and Intervention for Health1st Semester545 h
Option II1st Semester445 h
9084418Strategies of Community Animation2nd Semester660 h
9084419Environmental Education2nd Semester545 h
9084420Problems of Society and Culture2nd Semester545 h
9084421Observatory of Social Education2nd Semester660 h
9084422Sociology of Migration2nd Semester445 h
Option III2nd Semester445 h
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9084424Adult Education1st Semester545 h
9084425Cultures, Identities, and Social and Educative Mediation1st Semester445 h
9084426Project of Socio-educational Intervention1st Semester660 h
9084427Artistic Practices and Social and Educative Intervention1st Semester675 h
9084428Thematic seminar on Social Educations 1st Semester545 h
Option IV1st Semester445 h
9084430Internship2nd Semester30

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