Undergraduate in Social Work


This undergratuet in Social Work intend to train professionals with the capacity to act at the level of realities and social problems, developing a preventive or therapeutic role, having as privileged universe the individual / group at risk. 

This study cycle’s generic objectives are:

  • To understand social phenomena;
  • To intervene with individuals, groups and communities in the context of prevention, treatment and reinsertion;
  • To intervene with the underprivileged groups;
  • To perform Social Work profession in all the fields;
  • Develop a responsible, reflective and critical awareness in building the personal and social identity;
  • Develop ability to work collaboratively to solve problems encountered in different contexts;
  • Mobilize knowledge, skills and attitudes in different contexts, in building new scientific, cultural and technological knowledge;
  • Mobilize different languages to express and communicate their relationship with reality in different contexts;
  • Participate in research projects, understanding the school as a centre of social and cultural development;
  • Develop personalised methodologies for work and learning appropriate to multiple contexts;
  • Develop curiosity and intellectual taste for knowledge and research.

Field of Study
Law, Social Sciences and Services

Curricular plan

CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9238501Applied Mathematics to Social Sciences1st Semester51st Year
9238502Introduction to Social Sciences1st Semester51st Year
9238503Introduction to Social Work1st Semester51st Year
9238504Introduction to Economics1st Semester51st Year
9238505General Principles of Law1st Semester51st Year
9238506Oficina de Escrita Académica e Profissional1st Semester51st Year
9238507Social and Cultural Anthropology2nd Semester51st Year
9238508Developmental Psychology2nd Semester51st Year
Elective I2nd Semester51st Year
9238510Group Dynamics and Sociocultural Animation2nd Semester51st Year
9238511Theories and Methods of Social Work2nd Semester51st Year
9238512Family and Minors Law2nd Semester51st Year
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9238513Methods and Techniques of Social Research1st Semester62nd Year
9238514Social Work of Cases, Groups and Communities1st Semester72nd Year
9238515Social Intervention in Childhood, Adolescence and Old Age1st Semester62nd Year
9238516Sociology of the Family1st Semester62nd Year
9238517Sociology of Organizations2nd Semester52nd Year
9238518Psychopathology and Psychological Intervention2nd Semester42nd Year
9238519Social Work and Reinsertion2nd Semester52nd Year
9238520Problems of Contemporary Society and Culture2nd Semester42nd Year
9238521Social Policies2nd Semester52nd Year
9238522Interdisciplinary Seminar2nd Semester72nd Year
9238523Social Intervention in Groups at Risk2nd Semester52nd Year
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9238524Gestão de Instituições de Serviço Social1st Semester73rd Year
9238525Supervision in Social Work1st Semester63rd Year
9238526Management of Institutions of Social Work1st Semester53rd Year
Elective II1st Semester53rd Year
9238528Multiculturalism and Intercultural Education1st Semester53rd Year
9238529Internship2nd Semester303rd Year

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