Undergraduate in Solicitorship


Training professionals with solid knowledge in the field of Solicitors and giving them the traversal skills in order to enable them to correctly perform several legal actions, in a real working environment, in public or private organizations. Granting these professionals the basic training so as they can autonomously develop their own solicitor’s activities, as well as the representation and forensic mandate and, in particular, the activities of the Enforcement Agent, of the Company’s Solicitor and of the Solicitor’s Single Desk. Creating the conditions for obtaining the training on Alternative Dispute Resolution. Making sure that Solicitor will be guided by high ethical and moral standards. Providing adequate knowledge to the pursuit of the professional and academic training at the highest level.

Curricular plan

CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9242201Basic Principles of Law1st Semester675 h
9242202Constitutional Law1st Semester675 h
9242203Administrative Law I1st Semester660 h
9242204Accounting for Jurists1st Semester545 h
9242205Computer Sciences Applied to Law1st Semester545 h
9242206Conflict Management1st Semester230 h
9242207General Theory on Civil Law2nd Semester790 h
9242208Administrative Law II2nd Semester660 h
9242209EU Law2nd Semester660 h
9242210Administrative Offence Law2nd Semester530 h
9242211Consumption Law2nd Semester430 h
9242212English2nd Semester230 h
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9242213Obligations Law I1st Semester675 h
9242214Property Law1st Semester790 h
9242215Family Law1st Semester560 h
9242216Civil Procedural Law I1st Semester660 h
9242217Commercial Law1st Semester660 h
9242218Obligations Law II2nd Semester560 h
9242219Company Law2nd Semester560 h
9242220Succession Law and Inventory Procedures2nd Semester790 h
9242221Civil Procedural Law II2nd Semester545 h
9242222Tax Law I2nd Semester560 h
9242223Contract Law2nd Semester330 h
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9242224Tax Law II1st Semester545 h
9242225Rental Law1st Semester560 h
9242226Labour Law and Labour Procedural Law1st Semester690 h
9242227Registry and Notary Law1st Semester675 h
9242228Legal Costs1st Semester330 h
9242229Civil Enforcement Procedural Law I1st Semester545 h
9242230Insolvency and Turnaround Management2nd Semester575 h
9242231Deontology of Solicitors and Civil Enforcement Agents2nd Semester560 h
9242232Civil Enforcement Procedural Law II2nd Semester445 h
9242233Urban Planning Law2nd Semester445 h
9242234Innovation and Entrepreneurship2nd Semester230 h
9242235Dispute Resolution2nd Semester445 h
9242236Legal Simulation2nd Semester630 h

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