Undergraduate in Speech Therapy

Open Applications 2019/2020

Course presentation

To train graduates with knowledge and skills in the assessment and resolution of community problems related to the deficiency, incapacity and inadequacy of human communication (verbal and non-verbal).

Curricular plan

CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9890101Anatomo-fisiologia1st Semester4.51st Year
9890102Aquisição e Desenvolvimento da Linguagem1st Semester4.51st Year
9890108Epidemiologia1st Semester31st Year
9890103Introdução à Linguística1st Semester41st Year
9890105Introdução à Profissão1st Semester31st Year
9890106Patologia Geral1st Semester41st Year
9890104Psicologia do Desenvolvimento1st Semester41st Year
9890107Sociologia da Saúde1st Semester31st Year
9890114Ética e Deontologia2nd Semester31st Year
9890113Fonética e Fonologia2nd Semester41st Year
9890112Linguística I2nd Semester31st Year
9890109Neuroanatomia2nd Semester41st Year
9890111Otorrinolaringologia2nd Semester31st Year
9890110Patologia da Comunicação e Intervenção Terapêutica I (PCIT I)2nd Semester101st Year
9890115Psicopedagogia2nd Semester31st Year
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9890118Audiologia1st Semester32nd Year
9890119Linguística II1st Semester32nd Year
9890116Neurologia1st Semester32nd Year
9890122Opção I - Curso Terapia da Fala1st Semester22nd Year
9890117Patologia da Comunicação e Intervenção Terapêutica II (PCIT II)1st Semester152nd Year
9890121Prática Clínica I1st Semester22nd Year
9890120Prática Profissional I1st Semester22nd Year
9890124Bioestatística2nd Semester32nd Year
9890125Linguística III2nd Semester32nd Year
9890128Opção II - Curso Terapia da Fala2nd Semester32nd Year
9890123Patologia da Comunicação e Intervenção Terapêutica III (PCIT III)2nd Semester162nd Year
9890127Prática Clínica II2nd Semester32nd Year
9890126Prática Profissional II2nd Semester22nd Year
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9890131Gestão e Economia da Saúde1st Semester23rd Year
9890132Metodologias de Investigação1st Semester33rd Year
9890135Opção III - Curso Terapia da Fala1st Semester33rd Year
9890129Patologia da Comunicação e Intervenção Terapêutica IV (PCIT IV)1st Semester133rd Year
9890134Prática Clínica III1st Semester43rd Year
9890133Prática Profissional III1st Semester23rd Year
9890130Psicopatologia1st Semester33rd Year
9890139Estágio Curricular I2nd Semester223rd Year
9890136Informática Aplicada à Saúde2nd Semester23rd Year
9890140Opção IV - Curso Terapia da Fala2nd Semester23rd Year
9890138Prática Profissional IV2nd Semester23rd Year
9890137Projecto de Investigação2nd Semester23rd Year
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9890141Estágio Curricular II1st Semester224th Year
9890142Seminários I1st Semester44th Year
9890143Seminários II1st Semester44th Year
9890144Estágio Curricular III2nd Semester224th Year
9890145Monografia2nd Semester84th Year

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