Undergraduate in Sports and Well-Being

Course presentation

The Undergraduate in Sports and Well-Being provides operational knowledge and skills in key areas of physical and sporting activities, targeting all age groups serving as basis for the quality of life and well-being of individuals and of populations.

Allows students to experience diverse subjects and knowledge by expose them to broad sports and physical activity contents.

Sudents end up this cicle of studies with qualification to move on to further academic studies in Sports Sciences and other related areas.

Curricular plan

CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9851401Motor Development1st Semester660 h
9851402Leisure, Physical Activity and Health1st Semester545 h
9851403Anthropology and Sociology of Sports1st Semester545 h
Functional Anatomy1st Semester660 h
Sports Management and Entrepeneurship1st Semester330 h
Prevention and First Aid1st Semester545 h
9851408Pedagogy of Sports2nd Semester6 60 h
9851409Research Methods2nd Semester545 h
9851410Motor Control and Learning2nd Semester545 h
9851411Adapted Physical Activity2nd Semester445 h
Individual Sports I2nd Semester560 h
Individual Sports II2nd Semester560 h
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9851414Biomecanics1st Semester660 h
Physiology1st Semester660 h
9851416Dance1st Semester560 h
9851417Social and Developmental Psychology1st Semester330 h
Team Sports I1st Semester560 h
Team Sports II1st Semester560 h
Exercise Physiology2nd Semester660 h
9851421Outdoor Sports2nd Semester660 h
9851422Aquatic Activities2nd Semester560 h
Sports Nutrition2nd Semester330 h
Fitness I2nd Semester545 h
Sports Training I2nd Semester545 h
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9851426Introduction to Professional Practice1st Semester545 h
9851427Evaluation and Exercise Prescription1st Semester775 h
Sport Psychology1st Semester545 h
9851429Exercise for Elderly1st Semester660 h
Elective I1st Semester757 h
9851431Internship2nd Semester20
Project2nd Semester10