Undergraduate in Sports and Well-Being

Open Applications 2019/2020

Course presentation

Provide operational knowledge and skills in key areas of physical and sporting activities, targeting all age groups serving as basis for the quality of life and well-being of individuals and of populations.

Curricular plan

CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9851405Anatomofisiologia Geral1st Semester61st Year
9851403Antropologia e Sociologia do Desporto1st Semester51st Year
9851401Desenvolvimento Motor1st Semester51st Year
9851406Ética e Deontologia Profissional1st Semester31st Year
9851404Jogos Motores1st Semester31st Year
9851402Lazer, Atividade Física e Saúde1st Semester41st Year
9851407Prevenção e Primeiros Socorros1st Semester41st Year
9851411Atividade Física Adaptada2nd Semester51st Year
9851410Controlo Motor e Aprendizagem2nd Semester51st Year
9851409Metodologia da Investigação2nd Semester41st Year
9851412Opção 1 - Desportos Individuais (DBE)2nd Semester51st Year
9851413Opção 2 - Desportos Individuais (DBE)2nd Semester51st Year
9851408Pedagogia do Desporto2nd Semester61st Year
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9851414Biomecânica1st Semester52nd Year
9851416Dança1st Semester62nd Year
9851415Fisiologia do Exercício1st Semester62nd Year
9851418Opção 3 - Desportos Coletivos (DBE)1st Semester52nd Year
9851419Opção 4 - Desportos Coletivos (DBE)1st Semester52nd Year
9851417Psicologia Social e do Desenvolvimento1st Semester32nd Year
9851422Atividades Aquáticas2nd Semester52nd Year
9851421Desportos de Ar Livre2nd Semester82nd Year
9851420Organização e Gestão de Eventos2nd Semester42nd Year
9851425Psicologia do Desporto2nd Semester42nd Year
9851424Técnicas e Terapias em Saúde e Bem Estar2nd Semester42nd Year
9851423Treino Desportivo2nd Semester52nd Year
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9851428Atividades de Academia1st Semester83rd Year
9851427Avaliação e Prescrição do Exercício1st Semester73rd Year
9851429Gerontomotricidade1st Semester63rd Year
9851426Introdução à Prática Profissional1st Semester93rd Year
9851431Estágio2nd Semester203rd Year
9851430Projeto2nd Semester103rd Year