Undergraduate in Theatre

Course presentation


The training in the theater course of ESAD.CR aims to put the student in touch with the different dimensions of theater work. The course is oriented to the training of actors, offering a comprehensive training, suitable for students who also intend to make a career in other areas of theatrical practice.
There is a clear progression in the theater course towards an application of the knowledge and skills acquired. In the second and third years the classes bring to the scene shows. In the last semester of the course the student can choose to do internship or to develop an autonomous project.
The course seeks to stimulate student creativity based on a solid foundation of knowledge and skills. The proximity of formations in other artistic areas (painting, sculpture, sound and image and design) is a unique aspect of the School.

Field of Study
Arts of the Spectacle; 

Curricular plan

CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9243401Acting I1st Semester990 h
9243402Movement I1st Semester345 h
9243403Voice I1st Semester345 h
9243404Music I1st Semester345 h
9243405Text Analysis1st Semester345 h
9243406Theatre History I1st Semester345 h
9243407Set Design1st Semester345 h
Free Option I1st Semester345 h
9243409Acting II2nd Semester12120 h
9243410Movement II2nd Semester345 h
9243411Voice II2nd Semester345 h
9243412Music II2nd Semester345 h
9243413Theatre History II2nd Semester345 h
9243414Analysis of Theatrical Performance2nd Semester345 h
Free Option II2nd Semester345 h
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9243416Theatre Project I2nd Semester12120 h
9243417Movement III1st Semester345 h
9243418Voice III1st Semester345 h
Free Option III1st Semester345 h
Free Option IV1st Semester345 h
9243421Portuguese Theatre History1st Semester345 h
9243422Dramaturgy I1st Semester345 h
9243423Theatre Project II2nd Semester12120 h
Free Option V2nd Semester690 h
9243425Movement IV2nd Semester345 h
9243426Voice IV2nd Semester345 h
9243427Contemporary Theatre and Performance I2nd Semester345 h
Free Option VI2nd Semester345 h
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9243429Theatre Project III1st Semester12120 h
9243430Theatre Studies1st Semester660 h
9243431Acting for the Camera1st Semester345 h
Free Option VII1st Semester345 h
Free Option VIII1st Semester345 h
Free Option IX1st Semester345 h
Free Option2nd Semester3

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