Undergraduate in Tourism and Hotel Management

Open Applications 2019/2020

Curricular plan

CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9178204Tourism Introduction1st Semester61st Year
9178201English I1st Semester41st Year
9178205Introduction to Corporate Management1st Semester61st Year
9178206Mathematics Applied to Management1st Semester61st Year
9178254Elective 9178 II 1st Year 1st Semester1st Semester31st Year
9178207Management Information Systems1st Semester51st Year
9178214Financial Accounting2nd Semester61st Year
9178212Tourism Economics2nd Semester51st Year
9178208English II2nd Semester41st Year
9178213Introduction to the Hotel Industry2nd Semester61st Year
9178255Elective Curso 9178 II 1st Year 2nd Semester2nd Semester31st Year
9178211Reception Techniques2nd Semester61st Year
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9178217Corporate Law1st Semester62nd Year
9178218Gastronomy and Wines1st Semester62nd Year
9178219Gestão de Recursos Humanos1st Semester42nd Year
9178220Financial Management1st Semester62nd Year
9178215English III1st Semester32nd Year
9178216Heritage and Cultural Tourism1st Semester52nd Year
9178225Analytical Accounting2nd Semester52nd Year
9178222Applied Statistics2nd Semester52nd Year
9178226Gestão de Eventos e Animação2nd Semester52nd Year
9178221English IV2nd Semester32nd Year
9178223Práticas de Restaurante e Bar2nd Semester62nd Year
9178224Accommodation Management2nd Semester62nd Year
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9178231Accounting and Management Control1st Semester63rd Year
9178232Tourist Attraction Management1st Semester43rd Year
9178228Tourism Operations Management I1st Semester53rd Year
9178227Tourist Markets1st Semester63rd Year
9178230Ordenamento e Planeamento em Turismo1st Semester63rd Year
9178229Sociology and Ethics in Tourism1st Semester43rd Year
9178233Tourism Operations Management II2nd Semester53rd Year
9178236Strategic Management in Tourism2nd Semester53rd Year
9178234Hotel Marketing2nd Semester63rd Year
9178235Regional Development and Tourism2nd Semester53rd Year
Elective2nd Semester83rd Year
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9178242Accounting and Management Control1st Semester63rd Year
9178244Quality Management1st Semester43rd Year
9178241Food and Beverage Management1st Semester63rd Year
9178239Accommodation Management I1st Semester63rd Year
9178243Hotel Hygiene and Safety1st Semester53rd Year
9178240Cooking Practices1st Semester63rd Year
9178248Spa Management2nd Semester53rd Year
9178246Supply Management2nd Semester33rd Year
9178245Hotel Marketing2nd Semester63rd Year
9178247Hotel Software2nd Semester53rd Year
Elective2nd Semester83rd Year

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