Undergraduate in Tourism and Hotel Management

Course presentation

The Tourism and Hotel Management degree main aim is to develop skills in the areas of Travel Management and Hospitality Management, emphasizing an integrated perspective of the development and implementation of policies and action plans of each tourism company and each department of an hotel. In the area of Travel Management, the training for the exercise of professional activities within the tourism industry is especially valued, ensuring students with a component of application of knowledge and with the understanding of the specific activities of different professional profiles, regarding direction and management. In the area of Hospitality Management, the formation of graduates able to perform tasks such as planning, organization, coordination, leadership, control and evaluation of a tourism company departments or at a hotel is promoted.

This degree is certifyed by UNWTO TedQual da Organização Mundial do Turismo
and  ADHP – Associação dos Diretores de Hotéis de Portugal


Curricular plan

CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9178201English I1st Semester445 h
Foreign Language I1st Semester330 h
9178206Mathematics Applied to Management1st Semester560 h
Information and Digital Communication Systems1st Semester645 h
Fundamentals of Tourism1st Semester660 h
Introduction to Management1st Semester660 h
9178208English II2nd Semester445 h
Foreign Language II2nd Semester330 h
Protocol and Etiquette in Tourism2nd Semester545 h
Restaurant and Bar Practices2nd Semester645 h
Introduction to Hospitality Industry2nd Semester645 h
Finantial Accounting2nd Semester6 60 h
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9178215English III1st Semester330 h
Events Management and Enternainment1st Semester545 h
Company Law1st Semester560 h
Enogastronomy1st Semester645 h
Statistics Applied to Management1st Semester560 h
Finantial Management1st Semester660 h
English IV2nd Semester430 h
Tourism, Culture and Heritage2nd Semester345 h
Cost Accounting2nd Semester760 h
Accommodation Techniques2nd Semester645 h
Tourism Economics2nd Semester545 h
Human Resource Management2nd Semester645 h
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
Markets and Tourism Products1st Semester645 h
Tourist Operations Management I1st Semester545 h
Ethics and Sociology of Tourism1st Semester445 h
Planning in Tourist1st Semester560 h
Accounting and Management Control1st Semester660 h
Resource Management and Tourist Attractions 1st Semester445 h
Strategic Management in Tourism2nd Semester445 h
Tourism Operations Management II2nd Semester445 h
Operational Marketing in Tourism2nd Semester445 h
Tourist Destinations Management2nd Semester645 h
Elective2nd Semester12
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
Accomodation Management1st Semester545 h
Kitchen Practices1st Semester645 h
9178241Food and Beverage Management1st Semester660 h
Hotel Management Accounting1st Semester660 h
9178243Hotel Hygiene and Safety1st Semester345 h
Quality Management1st Semester445 h
Marketing for Hospitality2nd Semester445 h
Spas Management2nd Semester545 h
Supply Management2nd Semester445 h
Hospitality Management Software2nd Semester545 h
Elective2nd Semester12

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