Undergraduate in Tourism

Open Applications 2019/2020

Course presentation


To train professionals to carry out functions in the various tourist sectors and the local, regional and national public administration of tourism, in the area of tourist animation, operations and tourist information and advice in planning and management of the territory, privileging a perspective of regional development and Coastal activities.


Curricular plan

CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9254204Communication and Personal Development1st Semester41st Year
9254201Introduction to Tourism1st Semester61st Year
9254205English for Tourism I1st Semester41st Year
9254203Leadership and Group Management1st Semester61st Year
9254251Elective 9254 II 1st Year 1st Semester1st Semester41st Year
9254202Tourism Information Systems1st Semester61st Year
9254212Law in Tourism2nd Semester61st Year
9254211Touristic Enterprises2nd Semester41st Year
9254210Statistics Applied to Tourism2nd Semester61st Year
9254213English for Tourism II2nd Semester41st Year
9254209New Touristic Products2nd Semester61st Year
9254252Elective 9254 II 1st Year 2nd Semester2nd Semester41st Year
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9254219Environment and Tourism1st Semester62nd Year
9254218Geography of Portugal1st Semester62nd Year
9254220Art History1st Semester62nd Year
9254221English for Tourism III1st Semester42nd Year
9254253Elective 9254 II 2nd Year 1st Semester1st Semester42nd Year
9254217Gastronomic Heritage1st Semester42nd Year
9254229English for Tourism IV2nd Semester42nd Year
9254228Interpretation of Cultural Heritage2nd Semester62nd Year
9254227Touristic Marketing2nd Semester42nd Year
9254254Elective 9254 II 2nd Year 2nd Semester2nd Semester42nd Year
9254226Tourism Planning and Development2nd Semester62nd Year
9254225Tour Guide Techniques and Touristic Information2nd Semester62nd Year
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9254234Touristic Recreation1st Semester63rd Year
9254237Innovation and Entrepreneurship1st Semester43rd Year
9254236Touristic Itineraries1st Semester63rd Year
9254255Elective 9254 II 3rd Year 1st Semester1st Semester43rd Year
9254235Management and Event Planning1st Semester43rd Year
9254233Travel Agency Techniques and Tour Operators1st Semester63rd Year
9254243Touristic Markets2nd Semester63rd Year
9254256Elective 9254 II 3rd Year 2nd Semester (Project/Internship)2nd Semester83rd Year
9254257Elective 9254 II 3rd Year 2nd Semester2nd Semester43rd Year
9254242Tour Operations and Transportation2nd Semester63rd Year
9254244Tourism Sociology2nd Semester63rd Year

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The course was recognized with Tedqual certification, by the World Tourism Organization, the result of a bet on the quality of education.