Undergraduate in Biomechanics


The Biomechanics degree aims to prepare the student with a solid knowledge in technological and engineering areas applied to biological-medical field, providing scientific and technical skills to quickly adapt to new technologies in the area of biomechanics and health. Additionally, the course is also intended to train professionals entrepreneurs, with ability to lead working groups and manage human resources. Achieving these goals also guarantees a solid base for further training at a higher level.


Curricular plan

CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9690201Anatomy and Physiology I1st Semester560 h
9690202Biostatistics1st Semester560 h
9690203Mathematics1st Semester660 h
9690204Programming1st Semester675 h
9690205Introductory Chemistry1st Semester675 h
9690206Communication Techniques1st Semester230 h
9690207Anatomy and Physiology II2nd Semester560 h
9690208Biophysics2nd Semester675 h
9690209Design and Computer Modelling2nd Semester560 h
9690210English2nd Semester230 h
9690211Computational Mathematics2nd Semester660 h
9690212Organic Chemistry2nd Semester660 h
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9690213Anthropometry and Ergonomics1st Semester660 h
9690214Biochemistry1st Semester660 h
9690215Dynamics1st Semester675 h
9690216Materials1st Semester675 h
9690217Mechanics of Materials1st Semester675 h
9690218Biomaterials2nd Semester660 h
9690219Computer Biomechanics2nd Semester660 h
9690220Biomechanics of Movement2nd Semester675 h
9690221Electrotechnics2nd Semester660 h
9690222Manufacturing Technologies and Biomanufacturing2nd Semester660 h
CodeCurricular Unit Period ECTS Workload
9690223Bioinformatics1st Semester660 h
9690224Biomechanics of Tissues1st Semester675 h
9690225Transfer Processes1st Semester675 h
9690226Mechatronics1st Semester660 h
9690227Rehabilitation Systems1st Semester660 h
9690228Bioethics and Legislation2nd Semester230 h
9690229Biomimetics2nd Semester560 h
9690230Innovation and Entrepreneurship2nd Semester230 h
9690231Image Processing2nd Semester660 h
Elective2nd Semester15

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